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 A project I've been working on with yankee

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PostSubject: A project I've been working on with yankee    Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:17 pm

Hey this was a idea by Yankee, he wrote a little origin story for shits and giggles and I edited it and then made additions, soon well we created something.

While living with yankee I've found several journals at home and many more scattered around the city. I've been searching for more pages but from what I've been able to decipher from what appears to be broken English, Spanish, and a lot of profanity is maybe this will help me understand Yankees' strange tendencies. So I guess without further ado enjoy!


One horrible evening in gulch, there was a fellow man with horrible grammar was always experiencing weird shit. He's name was Yankee. Yankee was not bright and the citizens always thought he was on drugs.

*Okay I know what you're thinking but to be fair this was the old passage

Yay Gulch Fuck Gulch 6 ol clock o cock! Yankee wankee mo dankee le fuck grandma! Yankee not sun humans see crack hole!

*so yeah I had a hard time, anyway moving on.

They're both right and wrong. Yankee had a horrible past with a evil person who was the final boss that he had to defeat in his latest adventure. The boss was no other than his bitch ass mom. After that,  he sought things very differently.
As normal people in Gulch would mind their own business and do stupid shit, like asking to be a cop with a stupid bitch ass look on their face. Yankee didn't do anything like that. Instead, he went up and spoke to Rocky. Rocky was like a friend who would listen to all his troubles and maybe help him build his meat dragon. Then he would silently stalk the Mayor, NILLOC, Doing mayor things.

As days went by, Yankee started to becoming even more stranger. He became passively aggressive against most of the younger civilians.

*yeah okay there buddy, passively aggressive is kinda sugar coating it...

Then he just suddenly disappeared without saying anything to anybody. So a group of three somewhat renowned friends of his went looking for him. Once they found him, they ultimately regret it.

They were in a desert first, thinking he had gone back to his homeland, as they spotted a city that had been abandoned long time ago. The three of them noticed there was smoke inside the city and checked it out. As they arrive they did, in fact find him, but sleeping  to what looked like a man dead from dysentery. yeah that's all I've found for now.

UPDATE! More pages were found behind the dumpster and inside the church.

I know who you are...  Or I don't...  It doesn't matter, you're reading of my adventure without my authority in Fort Taco Bell.  I should let my meat dragon eat you, but it only likes orphan meat for some odd reason.  But anyways, since I have nothing in mind to harm you with, I'll let you slither by this time.  Be gone...  Stay out of my shed.

*is he leaving scraps of this gibberish for someone on purpose?

     As the rescue group tried to wake up Yankee, they instantly noticed that his armor was broken -by what looked to be the works of an explosive.  Unsure if he had suffered any injuries, Yankee woke up from his slumber and was surprised to see his friends in the place which he once called home.  He got up from the ground and noticed that his helmet's HUD was not working at all, and that his armor was practically falling apart.  This worried him very much because, without his armor, he would never be able to watch porn when he was lonely.

     "What the Hell happened here man?" Pasha, the rescue team's leader and Yankee's partner back in gulch, asked. "We better get him stable first and find a safe zone; we can say anything we want to him when we're there," said Phantasy, the rescue team's medic and a friend of Yankee.  

*what the fuck? I don't remember this shit. Is this a journal or fan fiction...

They all agreed and moved into a torn apart building that looked like a small local hospital.  

*wait that sounds familiar, the environment strangely reminds me of  a BD mission I was on a few years back. I can't remember anything though, maybe I'm translating wrong...

Assuming it was abandoned, they made fortifications that looked like shit -even a cave man could've done better than the four idiots together.  

*hey I remember that, asshole I worked hard setting up camp.

Then, as Yankee sat down, all of his remaining armorfell off, bringing him to deep sadness.

     Scott, the last rescue team's member, was becoming very uneasy, thinking about the corpse that Yankee had been sleeping on when they found him.  He thought it about until he asked himself, "what would Arnold Schwarzenegger do in this situation?"  

*sounds about right

Then, he went over and talked to Yankee to finally get some answers.
"Okay, now that we're here, tell us everything that happened, because you're the only one that knows and has actually seen what's going on, and it's giving me the shits just thinking what was out there."  They all looked to Yankee, waiting for an answer that was going to be hard to believe.  Then, he finally spoke and said, "well first things first...  I need to jack off now, it's that time of the hour again."

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PostSubject: Re: A project I've been working on with yankee    Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:19 pm

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A project I've been working on with yankee
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