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 The Gulchtopia Gazette ~ Now Hiring!

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The Gulchtopia Gazette ~ Now Hiring! Empty
PostSubject: The Gulchtopia Gazette ~ Now Hiring!   The Gulchtopia Gazette ~ Now Hiring! I_icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2015 5:48 am

~The Gulchtopia Gazette~
The News, According to Us

Become a reporter for the Gulchtopia Gazette!

       Anyone who is interested in working for the Gulchtopia Gazette - Gulchtopia's #1 most trusted news source - then you can find all of the information you need to become one of our reporters right here. Once you've read through all of the following information, and decided that you want to join our team, then feel free to message me with some details about yourself, your qualifications, and why you want to be a reporter for the Gazette. Let's get started!~

Here's the job, plain and simple

       As a reporter for the Gulchtopia Gazette, your job will be to go out in the field and search for stories, get interviews, and ask questions - the hard questions - to write articles for the news paper. Once you have a story, or whenever you see a news-worthy event, write up an article and send it to me via a private message.

       Some days however, you may find it rather difficult to find a story worth reporting on, or maybe you're just completely stumped on what to do. If that's the case, find no hesitation in asking me for tips, or leads on good stories. When you first start at the Gulchtopia Gazette, your first three leads will be free, but after that lead's will cost money - journalism is a competitive field, and there are only so many leads and so many reporters to give them to.

       And that's about it when it comes to the job in the field, but there's a bit more when it comes to articles.

Articles, and the Pay Scale

       You're no doubt wondering how much this job pays, and when you get your pay. Well, in a nutshell, you get paid per article that gets published, and the pay varies depending on certain factors. The most you can make as a reporter is between 450 and 500, while the least you can make is about 100. Here's a simple breakdown of how the pay works:

       When I receive an article from you, the pay starts at 400. Then, as I review and edit the article, that number can change -

  • Spelling and grammar errors: -50
  • Article is less than 100 words: -100
  • Quality of Story (i.e. well written, interesting content, etc.): +/-50 to 150
  • Contains pictures: +50*
  • Contains interviews: +50*

       Keep in mind that this only applies to articles that get published, which is entirely up to me after I've edited the article. If I decide not to publish your article, you will not be paid for it. This policy may seem harsh, but it's to ensure that I don't get spammed with a bunch of shit articles, as the pay is rather high.

When sending articles to me, be sure to send me them one at a time. It's easier to edit them that way.

       And that's about it. Again if you are interested in becoming a reporter, please send me a Private Message with some brief details about yourself, your qualifications, and why you want to join the Gazette.

       As a final tip when writing the articles, don't worry about stuff like the headline, fonts, flare, etc. anything you add to it will likely be changed in the editing process, and all that stuff will be added by me when I'm putting the issues together anyway.

Any further questions can be posted here.

*Just to be clear, an article does not HAVE to contain pictures or interviews, I give bonuses for those. If you do not feel pictures or interviews are necessary, or even possible, know that there is no penalty for not having them.

Happy Hunting!

~Gulchtopia Gazette~
      ~News Editor-in-Chief~

         "The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind."
     ~ H.P. Lovecraft
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The Gulchtopia Gazette ~ Now Hiring!
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