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 Gulchtopia Gazette Issue (2/7/16)

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Gulchtopia Gazette Issue (2/7/16) Empty
PostSubject: Gulchtopia Gazette Issue (2/7/16)   Gulchtopia Gazette Issue (2/7/16) I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2016 4:26 pm

Long Running Business Changes Hands

We all have fond memories of the former taxi and now Bus Station. It was founded by Gdawgs after the mysterious dissolving of the Kill Ball Clan Group Trust. He worked hard at that business for many years but unfortunately that legacy has come to an end. Due to him spending all of his in foreign nations his business shares in the business were sold off to veteran cop Vicky Eyes. 

When we reached Vicky for a comment she only had this to say. "Yeah, it's a stripper bus". We at the Gazette don't exactly know what a "stripper bus" is, but when we find out we'll let y'all know. 

Energy Shields Outlawed

After a long debate in the city council, the bill O-107 has been passed. For those of you not keeping up with the news that bill is the one that completely outlaws any Energy Shield equipped devices. This has been met with praise by nearly everyone in the city, including the Mayor who personally ripped the energy shielding circuits out of his jet-packs. When reached for comment, he had this to say: 

"If the people don't want their Mayor and Police Chief having energy shields, then we won't have them."

The bill wasn't met with unanimous appreciation however. Some concerned citizens have spoken out saying that they fear additional armor layers won't be enough to make sure the cops and Mayor can keep the criminals in line.

Police Take to the Skies

The police have traded their warthog in for a Falcon. They plan to use the vehicle to have a more complete picture on the situation in the Gulch and be able to respond more swiftly to crimes anywhere in the Gulch. This news has been met with jubilation by many citizens in the Gulch who believe it will help combat the rising criminal activity.
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Gulchtopia Gazette Issue (2/7/16)
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