You either die a homeless bum or live long enough to see yourself become a rich dick that kills homeless bums.
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 Vote Together - A Gulch That Works for All of Us

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PostSubject: Vote Together - A Gulch That Works for All of Us   Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:11 am

I'm KaBoom, and I approve this message.

    Today, all over Gulch, there are tons and tons of people who cannot afford a house, who can't find a job, who are refused work or service because of who they are or where they came from -- so many people who have so little. While a privileged few have SO MUCH.

And when people can't even trust their own police -- the people sworn to protect them, the people who are supposed to defend them from those who want to hurt them, then it is time for us to acknowledge that there is something terribly wrong.

It is time for the people to come together, to stand up and say enough is enough,

What the people of Gulchtopia need, are jobs that pay a Living Wage; Housing that is affordable; and security that is reliable. But most of all, what the people need is a Gulchtopia that works for All of Us, not just the few.

But this kind of change can't come from 1 person alone. It can't come from me, or my opponent, or from any other member of City Council. It comes from all of us, coming together, and saying "We are sick and tired of the corruption, of the brutality, of the poverty, and


For when We  Come  Together, then there is nothing that we can not accomplish. That is what this campaign is about --


Thank you.

*Paid for by the hard-working people of the Kaboom for Police Chief campaign.
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PostSubject: Re: Vote Together - A Gulch That Works for All of Us   Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:33 am

This guy knows what he's talkin' about.
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Vote Together - A Gulch That Works for All of Us
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