You either die a homeless bum or live long enough to see yourself become a rich dick that kills homeless bums.
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 Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017

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Gulchtopia Gazette

Gulchtopia Gazette

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PostSubject: Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017   Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017 I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 10, 2017 2:40 pm

Mayor "Person of Interest" in Missing Persons Case

"On 1/8/2017 two unidentified homeless men went missing. They were last seen by the old gas station begging for work. Someone picked them up in a truck and that was the last time they were seen."

That is the official statement from the Gulchtopia Police Department. What the statement fails to reveal is that the Mayor is considered a "Person of Interest" in the case. Several witnesses have stated that it was the Mayor's car that picked up the men and that the Mayor and his driver were seen in the vehicle. An informant at the Police Department was even able to get us copies of photos from that case's file.

Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017 UDvOWcC
Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017 7wqAt5N

It is still unknown what happened to the men and the Police have called off a search for them, so they are presumed dead. It can only be assumed that this case too will be swept under the rug, yet another story of the poor being ignored in Gulchtopia.

Taxi Driver Goes on Rampage

As the city of Gulchtopia moved up to the mountains in search of more plentiful mines, many have immigrated in attempts to find a better life. However not all are good, hardworking folk. Among the waves of good people are many, many cold blooded criminals and psychopaths. One of them is a Taxi Driver by the name Halo Boss4 Ever.

This past weekend the madman went on a rampage that started when he got his vehicle stuck on a guardrail put up to prevent drivers from plowing through the shopping district in the upper side of town. A pedestrian went to his aid, trying to help him unstick his vehicle. How did he repay this kindness? He senselessly beat down the Good Samaritan and the police did nothing! They could have arrested this man, but let him off with a warning.

Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017 WFJlk4g

Soon that madman was speeding around the city, nearly killing civilians and at one point stealing a police officer's weapon. The Mayor and several officers engaged the maniac in a High-Speed chase that ended with the criminal in custody.

Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017 UAKhEN6

Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017 OSVywyO

Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017 G0eBMbF

New Danger on the Streets, and it's Called Bubbles

After the mob crackdown conducted by former Police Chief ThePerfectVirus, the city was believed to be free of the horrible drug Purple Drank. It seems there is now a new plague sweeping through our city, Tri-Nitro-Benzine 12. Or as it's known on the streets, Bubbles.

A heavily synthesized form of Sulfuric Acid, the drug causes users to see colors, and as the name implies, bubbles everywhere. Some users have also reported hearing voices that they don't recognize. When we tried to ask one of these addicts where they acquired the substance, the user said that they'd be killed if they told and refused to answer any more questions.

Those running this criminal operation are a danger to our city and the police seem to be oblivious to the issue. The Gazette implores all citizens to write their Police Chief, Jack Iceland, and ask him what he plans to do about the epidemic ravaging our streets.

Damming Expose Coming

An investigative reporter for the Gazette has acquired photo and video evidence linking several high-profile people of our city to heinous criminal organizations. Organizations involved with criminal acts dating back to the old city. Keep reading as we plan to publish the evidence soon as we can grantee our source's safety.
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Gulchtopia Gazette 1/10/2017
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