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 GNN Text Report 5/7/2017

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GNN Text Report  5/7/2017 Empty
PostSubject: GNN Text Report 5/7/2017   GNN Text Report  5/7/2017 I_icon_minitimeSun May 07, 2017 5:54 pm

New Species Discovered in Caves

While digging through the island for a new mine, NILLOC Industries Mining Division discovered a race of fishlike people in unknown caves on our island. The Mayor allowed one to live in his house. The fish later went on to bark at people oddly enough and assault people. The town is divided with what to do with these "people". Some suggest that they be sent to camps. Other believe we should teach them the ways of Rocky and integrate them into our society. The council is currently voting on this matter and an official statement is expected soon.

Where the fuck is the Police Chief?

For the past few weeks the police department has been without leadership. Serial killers have busted out of jail, fish have stolen cars, and other some gun-ho cops murder folks for small crimes. The main question the GNN has for the department is this. "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE POLICE CHIEF?" This man was brought in to replace an absentee chief, Jack Iceland, and now this man is missing from the public eye. Thankfully, Police Officer Charmless Kaa has stepped up and there's talk among some circles of him replacing the chief if this absenteeism keeps up. That still remains to be seen, as it is clear that some people on the council are benefiting from a weak police force.

Big Wedding Scheduled for Next Week

In an announcement that shocked some in Gulchtopia, Police Officer Charmless Kaa and suspected criminal Main Kill (Aka Missy) have announced plans to get married. The wedding is scheduled to take place in the Rockyist church next Sunday. The reception is yet to be announced, however it is assumed it'll be at the bar.
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GNN Text Report 5/7/2017
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